An inside look


Concept & Design

The iconic Stephen Lawrence Centre was opened in 2008, and incorporates a two-storey glass façade designed by 1998 Turner Prize winner Chris Ofili.

Materials & Interior

Gensler UK deliver a cutting-edge interior design for Your Space, with a stunning visual impact upon arrival. Your Space has been designed beyond visual impact alone, but also for health, comfort, flexibility and ease of use.

Build & Quality

BW: work place experts are behind the quality of the Your Space refurbishment. Everything has been created with personality and precision. You can experience the high-quality work provided by the team as soon as you walk through the door.


Your Space is home to The Stephen Lawrence Charitable Trust, and your membership means you become part of our community, enabling our charity to continue to support young people across London and the UK in reaching their full potential. Your Space is a conscious co-working space that goes beyond the day to day experience, however fabulous, and has a greater impact on the wider community. So join our community and make this YOUR space!


We begin by shaping our buildings, yet our buildings end up shaping us!
When you think of architecture, do you just see buildings, or do you see more than that? It’s more than drawings, more than structures, more than an art or a science. Architecture is a language, one which allows you to talk to the space around you, and which lets the space talk back to you!


Every line tells a story. You see it take shape on a page like a beautiful manuscript, like a work of art that is at once precise and exact, organic and personal. Like the words of great orators, it echoes through time, shaping the horizon and altering the relief of the very planet we live upon. Monoliths of artistry and dedication, our work stands proud and immovable, alive with the humanity that calls it home!


Farrer Huxley Associates are the landscape architects behind our beautiful new exterior. The fluidity and green spaces have been designed to mirror the design of the Adjaye building and has further integrated Your Space into its surrounding.

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